Asset Life Cycle

IT Asset Life Cycle Management

IT asset life-cycle management (ITALM) is a core process of IT asset management (ITAM). As an asset manager, it is important for you to know the stage of life cycle of your assets. ITALM helps increase organizational productivity by helping you make informed decisions on IT needs and services. You can make better purchasing decisions by looking at various resources and their life-cycle stages. If a particular asset is about to retire/expire, and if you already have that asset in your inventory, you have more lead time to order and replenish. If not, you know that the lead time is much less and you will have to raise a PO as soon as possible. Similarly, providing a seamless IT experience is a key metric for a good quality IT service. It is of utmost importance that you as an IT asset manager, know of an asset expiration before the end user does. AssetExplorer helps you with various reports and easy-to-understand dashboards for a clear view of all your IT assets and their respective life-cycle stages.

italmBenefits of a good IT asset life cycle management solution:

  1. Forecast your needs better
  2. Make informed purchasing decisions
  3. Be proactive when it comes to replenishing resources
  4. Improve the quality of IT services
  5. Know the total cost of ownership of an asset

Remote Monitoring and Support

Application availability and security drive your business operations. From collaboration services to corporate ERP and business intelligence solutions, PSI expertly hosts and manages your applications – at a known cost.We deliver application platforms from the network right up to the application, maximising up-time, productivity and security. There’s no faster or more reliable way to put business critical tools into the hands of your workforce.

PSI integrates application skills with other valuable services such as specialist telephony solutions sourced through our independent software vendor (ISV) partners. So, in addition to impartial guidance and innovative services, you benefit from a single point of contact. It’s a simple, efficient and personal approach that delivers value and results.


Providing and maintaining desktop infrastructure can be a drain on resource. PSI addresses this by offering specialist desktop skills and services that maximise your productivity nd tackle key strategic, cost, and environmental challenges.

Our broad range of onsite and hosted services include dependable and flexible PC break/fix support options, desktop/laptop backup services, mobile 3G connectivity services, LAN provision and fully managed, cloud-based remote desktop services.

Virtual desktop services can offer significant advantages: increasing data security, reducing hardware costs and slashing power consumption. PSI are experts in the deployment of VMware technology, and can guide you quickly through the migration process to achieve a high-performance virtualisation solution.


Hosted Virtual Desktop is a predictable, cost-contained approach to desktop management offering fully managing desktop support requirements regardless of the complexity, without the need for costly IT personnel or infrastructure investments.

PSI’s desktop management service provide remote problem resolution to your end users as dictated by your requirements, through our corporate service desk, diagnostic triage, and onsite support and repair to users in your corporate, remote, and home office environments.


PSI can provide support for the entire lifecycle of your end-user devices. Our expert engineers can be strategically located onsite in your work environment as well as offsite using remote tools to troubleshoot and diagnose problems over the phone. The engineers work closely with you to understand any issues facing your business and ensure they are fixed and documented within established response times.

PSI’s Support Contract provides proactive maintenance of the client’s desktop/laptop to any sites located within The EU – for a monthly fee.

Secure software will be installed on all desktops to ensure that PSI engineers can remotely access the customer’s system in the event of a failure. It is important to note that only audited assets agreed by PSI and the customer are subject to the Support Contract subscribed to.


PSI’s technological knows that geographical distance is no longer a reason for your users to be isolated. Our remote working solutions suit the way you work, allowing external employees to interact with colleagues and customers as though they were sitting in the same office.

With reliable and secure network integration, remote workers have access to the same information and communication services as central office workers.

Our expertise in this area means we can help your business harness the benefits of remote working and integrate them into your work infrastructure. Achieve fast and reliable connection and collaboration with remote employees; bring satellite office productivity in line with central office performance levels; be confident of high-quality, reliable voice and data communication on a converged network; ensure your data is secure against outside threats: all of these objectives are achievable through PSI’s experience in delivering remote working solutions.