Several tools including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Material Flow Analysis (MFA), and  Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA) have been developed to manage e-waste. The key to success in terms of e-waste management is to develop sustainable processes to, properly collect e-waste, recover and recycle material by safe methods, dispose of e-waste by suitable techniques, forbid the transfer of used electronic devices and purge enterprise data from used media. No single tool is adequate but together they can complement each other to solve this issue.

E-waste is otherwise known as electronic waste, including such items as old, broken or obsolete:

cell phones
computer towers and monitors
keyboards and computer mice
scanners and printers
Tape cassettes
Printer cartridges
Laptops and hard disk drives


We collect enterprise E-waste in a secure manner. With prearranged collection schedules and secure courier service, clients’ data is safeguarded till media is wiped in a extremely high magnetic field to ensure zero recoverabilaty. Our process ensures that sectors are destroyed to reduce rewritable media into recyclable plastic and metal.


Our sustainable e-recycling methods ensure that all of disposal services are environmentally friendly and compliant with local regulation.

For more detailed information on E-Recycling please contact us at info@psiwebtech.com and one of our associates will be able to assist you with a tailored solution to meet your enterprise or SMB needs.